Future Aust doctors boycott fossil fuels

Christine McGinn
(Australian Associated Press)


Australia’s next generation of doctors is refusing to invest in fossil fuels.

The Australian Medical Students’ Association will announce plans to divest from fossil fuels on Tuesday on behalf of its 17,000 medical student members.

AMSA president Alex Farrell is expected to make the announcement during her address at the 2018 AMSA Global Health Conference in Melbourne.

“As future doctors of Australia, we want to invest in a healthy future. We know that there is more to medicine than just curing illness once our patients are already sick,” Ms Farrell said in a statement.

“We need to take into account the upstream factors that are making them sick, and the way our society and our environment affects our health

“We feel a responsibility to promote sustainability and steer us away from the disastrous consequences of climate change on health.”

Representatives from Australian medical schools unanimously supported a motion for the association to divest from fossil fuels, earlier this year.

The World Medical Association, the Canadian Medical Association and the British Royal College of General Practitioners have already taken the same stance.


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