Charge an electric car for $5? Energy trial goes public

15 May

A program promising to fully charge an electric car at home for $5 has been opened to the public after two months of testing. Origin Energy announced the wider launch of its EV Power Up program on Tuesday after trialling the service with 200 drivers...[Read More]

‘Massive incentive’ to replace diesel with hydrogen

15 May

Future drivers and industries could use certified green hydrogen at a pump price the same or less than diesel after production subsidies kick in, a renewable hydrogen developer says. The new tax break in the 2024/25 federal budget was a “massive...[Read More]

Hundreds of millions to incentivise clean energy future

8 May

As Australia transitions to net-zero, a continental map of the nation’s rare earth deposits will help attract clean energy investment as a top priority in the move away from fossil fuels. In 2022, 68 per cent of total electricity generation came...[Read More]

Licences go to nation’s first offshore wind projects

1 May

Australia’s first offshore wind projects will begin after being granted feasibility licences to unlock the energy, climate and economic benefits of the power source. Awarding licences for the nation-leading Gippsland zone off Victoria’s coast,...[Read More]

Electric cars to make bigger impact than electric homes

24 April

Selling more fuel-efficient cars in Australia will have a bigger environmental impact than disconnecting all homes from gas, a report has found. Analysis by the Climate Council, released on Wednesday, found Australia’s New Vehicle Efficiency...[Read More]

Federal-state deal powers up for more clean energy

24 April

One million homes in NSW could be powered by renewable energy and more electricity could flow to South Australia and Western Australia, under a deal struck between the federal and state governments. The deal is part of the the taxpayer-funded...[Read More]

Australians want more renewables faster: survey

17 April

Almost nine in 10 Australians want a faster or moderate transition to clean energy, the national science agency says. The CSIRO on Wednesday released a survey on attitudes nationwide towards the renewable energy transition. Touted by the agency as...[Read More]

Energy-saving steel, wastewater hydrogen win funding

17 April

Ambitious projects to create more renewable hydrogen and produce greener steel have been granted almost $60 million after the government agency in charge of the sector expanded its funding. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) revealed on...[Read More]

Add skills to adapt to ‘new era’ in climate disclosure

10 April

Australian enterprises face a new era of disclosure that will require bean counters to balance the books on environmental and social costs, experts warn. In response, RMIT Online has partnered with Deloitte to help organisations get ready to report...[Read More]

Petrol car ban, greener taxis could halve emissions

10 April

Petrol and diesel vehicles should be banned from sale by 2035 and households encouraged to get rid of one of their family cars, according to a new report which found Australia had the potential to halve its transport emissions by 2030. The Climate...[Read More]

What is ethical investing and how to do it

4 April

Investing is typically perceived as a wealthy-only pastime with no regard for the environment or social issues. However, that is not always the case, and the old mindset of making money for its own sake doesn’t need to stay.   People have become...[Read More]

Financiers shun nuclear, upbeat on climate investment

27 March

Nuclear energy is last on the list of technologies that investors want exposure to, according to a survey of big institutions. The vast majority of investors do not see nuclear power as a good investment, with less than one in 10 exploring this...[Read More]

Batteries to energise hottest, most remote communities

27 March

Some of the most isolated and remote communities in the world may benefit from groundbreaking trials of novel battery technology that could work best for those living with extreme heat. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency on Monday announced...[Read More]

Local champions no small potato in net zero transition

27 March

Tonnes of potatoes boiled with recycled heat, milk and cheese waste transformed into fuel and timber milled with the power of the sun. That is how food producers and major industries across regional Australia are taking small steps towards...[Read More]

Call for more biofuels to keep trucks, utes on the road

20 March

Truckies won’t have to go electric and Aussies don’t have to give up their utes if more biofuels get the green light. Renewable diesel and biofuels will have a role “for many years”, particularly in long-haul freight, Transport Minister...[Read More]